Child Support & Parenting Time

Make sure your children are cared for financially and emotionally.  Call us for advice and representation for all of your child support and parenting time matters.

Divorce & Legal Separation

Don’t do it alone! Contact us to address questions or concerns about your Divorce and Legal Separation.

Mediation & Settlement Conferences

Save money. Save time. Save your emotions. Save your children.  Through mediation and settlement conferences, work together towards resolutions that are best for your family.

Additional Services

Family Law is so much more than Divorce.  Call us to draft your pre-marital agreement, work with you as collaborative counsel or mediator, and negotiate and advise you with any non-traditional family matters


We save children and restructure families successfully

— Teddi Ann Barry PC


  • High Conflict Divorce and Custody Issues

    High Conflict Divorce and Custody Issues are often driven by emotional warfare and greed between the parties. When resolution is not likely you must have experienced attorneys who understand litigation and the best ways to protect our clients, their assets and their rights.

  • Complex Asset Allocations

    Complex asset allocation. When your financial affairs are complicated and may involve the gamut of issues from multiple bank and investment accounts to pre-marital and separate business and property interests from the marital estate, you must hire experienced divorce attorneys with the proper resources, and knowledge to protect you and your assets.

  • Mediation and Settlement Conferences

    Mediation & Settlement conferences provide the opportunity to save costs, time and the emotional stress of litigated divorce. We work diligently with couples to understand their finances, appreciate the needs of their children, and to discover new ideas to restructure their families in the most successful way possible.

  • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

    Pre nuptial and post nuptial agreements are written contracts between you and your fiancé or spouse to determine the financial issues of your marriage before they ever become an issue during divorce. It is important to have an attorney like Teddi Ann Barry, who often litigates and settles divorce matters to also assist you with negotiating and drafting you pre nuptial or post nuptial agreements.


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