fathers rights in divorceHave you seen the commercials for the law firms “specializing” in Father’s Rights issues?

Firms specializing in “Father’s rights” have not once, in my 15 years of practice, done better in settlement or court for their clients that experienced family law attorneys.

I have worked with some reputable attorneys at these firms but choosing a law firm based on Father’s Rights issues, which is way of marketing to certain clients, is not a reason for choosing a law firm for your family law matters.

Be very clear, the Court is concerned with the best interests of your child – not what is best for you.

A great family law attorney has mastered the art of advocating while framing everything around the child.

Important questions attorneys ask when preparing a case.

  • Where is the best place for the CHILD to live?
  • What is the best parenting plan for the CHILD?
  • How should the debts and assets be allocated insuring the needs of the CHILD are met?

Understanding the child focus of divorce is to understand that most Colorado courts work hard to arrange co-parenting, so the child has regular and consistent contact with both parents so long as both parents are appropriate care providers.

Your child has a right to know both parents and have great relationships with both parents.

Be aware that if you were an absent parent during the marriage or have a career that isn’t conducive to a regular and consistent parenting schedule, there isn’t much any lawyer can do to change the parenting patterns that existed before the divorce.

Instead, a lawyer can negotiate incremental increases in parenting time or create an open-ended schedule when you are available without destroying every sense of structure or routine for your child.

Currently, there is a fascinating debate amongst family therapists on parenting time and which school of thought is best.

  • One school of thought is advocating that very young children must have a primary parent and one place to call home consistently.
  • The other school of thought is advocating that if children are going to grow up in two different homes with separated parents then it is best for them to begin the two-house life as soon as possible.

Whatever your opinion is, do not approach your divorce charged to have all of your rights and needs known or accommodated. Focus on your children and how you can best meet their needs as a divorced parent.

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