mediationMediation and Settlement conferences are an important part of the law practice of Teddi Ann Barry PC. We have created several blogs discussing Mediation and Settlement because it’s the first step in the Divorce in Colorado process.

It’s the perfect way for a family who decides to fix their family situation instead of fight about it to move on to a better place in life. Divorce is tough so if there is anything we can do to move the process forward, quickly and skip all the fighting and working towards solutions these steps should be taken immediately.

Our goal with blogs on Mediation and Settlement conferences is so families reading this blog understand there are several ways to handle Divorce in Colorado and not all need to be through litigation.

Here are a few blogs written about Mediation and Settlement Conferences

Mediation the first step when filing for Divorce

3 Keys to Successfully Prepare for Mediation.

5 critical divorce legal terms you need to know Part 1

If you are concerned about your situation, please call us! Remember each circumstance is different, and the information provided on the blog is to help people make better decisions about their lives. We always recommend that you get counsel and not go through this process alone. Hire the professional, they are worth the time and money.

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