Pre nup tips from Vail Divorce Lawyer

As a Denver Divorce Attorney, I find many stressful situations can be avoided by taking a proactive and financial view of a marriage combined with love, a religious commitment and the concept of building a life together.

Spring is the perfect time to look at pre nuptial agreements. In this particular time in history, family structures span from people getting married later in life, couples getting married for a second time, couples blending families with children from each and a variety of other situations.

Here are 6 considerations why a pre-nup is a important.

What is a pre nup? A pre-marital agreement (“pre-nup”), or in some circumstances are post-marital agreement ( “post-nup”), is meant to be the documented agreements if you should divorce in the future. It’s meant to address your financial situation coming into the marriage.

Essentially a Pre-nup is an insurance policy for the financial aspect for your marriage. Just as we don’t expect to die when we buy life insurance, we don’t plan to divorce right before we marry.

The 6 considerations for a pre-nup…..

  • Property that should remain separate regardless, for instance family property.
  • A separate business that you don’t want commingled into the marriage.
  • Inheritance or expected inheritance that you want to stay separate.
  • If you want to keep bank accounts or some finances separate.
  • IF you are planning on purchasing property together how do you want to handle it?
  • Are there parameters for marriage dissolution after so many years?

Coming from a Denver Divorce attorney, divorce can be a bitter and long process. It’s my suggestions to work out the financial details first, so if anything happens the transition and the divorce are less painful from the financial aspect, at least. Read Welcome to the Land of Is: the financial side of divorce

By not determining this before you get married, you are leaving it to the lawyers and a most likely bitter spouse to fight about later.  Please give me a call to discuss your unique situation.  Teddi Ann Barry 720-722-0776

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