Family Counselors

The family counselors section of our website provides information about family counselors in the state of Colorado that we have personally worked with in many of our cases.

Working with a family counselor or therapist instead of Against the other parent of your children will save you significant amounts of money otherwise spent fighting for custody of your children.

Family counseling through the divorce helps you address the parenting issues and concerns experienced during the marriage. Counseling also helps your communication with your children’s other parent and most importantly your children.


pre nup agreementsVAIL FAMILY COUNSELORS  We have several options for you and your family to make the transition to your new life.  Everyone needs a little help and these resources are here to help you. If you have questions and concerns please contact us anytime.




divorce and family law in coloradoDENVER FAMILY COUNSELORS We have several resources to assist any family going through the divorce process.  We want the best for your family and hope our resources can help you and your family get through these life challenges and changes in the best way possible.