Hello Teddi Ann,

I am pleased with these results. The Engineering Board has corrected the record to indicate that there was no violation or penalty against my professional license.

Earlier this year I felt helpless, battling a government entity that is shielded by immunity who refused to correct their erroneous records. In addition to the underlying feeling of injustice this created, it made it difficult for me to obtain licenses in other states as I would report the truth which contradicted the on line record. Through your efforts that record has now been corrected.

I know this was not a big money maker for you, or a glorious or memorable case, and for this it was very difficult to find someone to give it proper attention. I am truly grateful for what you have done. You have the highest recommendations from me, taking on this small and insubstantial case which was of great importance to me, and handling it so well. If I have the opportunity to recommend others to you I certainly will.

Thanks for all you have done!

I am eternally grateful and thankful to you for all that you have done for me. You made this process less stressful, I know you did everything with the best interest of my children and directed me to make decisions with less emotion to get through the business details. I will recommend you to anyone who must go through a divorce.

Maureen Stueve

Thank you so much for your help through this process. I want it to be very clear that I was very happy with the work you did for me and I will highly recommend your services. I really appreciated the fact that you put my children first when advising me.

Thank you.

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