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Teddi Ann Barry Esq.

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For over 15 years Teddi Ann Barry has been practicing family law in Colorado including mediation and collaborative law.  She is experienced, professional, compassionate and always striving to exceed our client’s needs and expectations.

Early in her career, Teddi Ann worked as a guardian ad litem in the 18th and 2nd Judicial Districts in Denver, Colorado. Representing the best interests of children suffering from abuse and neglect by their parents who were placed into the custody of the State.  Moving on in her career she represented Respondent parents who had lost custody of their children.

“I am determined to find a resolution and have you take an active role in the problem solving of your case.”


When clients hire you, what are your special qualities you would like them to know?

“I am passionate about family law!”

While I work to resolve and settle matters for my clients through extensive preparation and exhausted measures early in their case, I am an experienced trial attorney and able to confidently and competently represent clients through trial, if necessary.

With comprehensive work in litigation and mediation, I look through every agreement and circumstance not only for resolution but to eliminate loop holes for future issues and legal problems for families.

By concentrating my work only in family law, I am well educated regarding the current trends and any changes occurring in family law.

I also have an incredible support team of resources for my clients for all of the other issues involved with divorce and custody that is beyond the law

What do you like about the Vail/Avon Community?

The Vail community is a very tight community where everyone seems to know a little about everyone else. The active lifestyles and energy of Vail creates a very happy community.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Vail Community.

What do you like about Denver?

Growing up in Colorado, Denver is home to me.  I love Sunday dinners at my parent’s house, seeing many of my high school and college friends regularly and enjoying the diversity and activity Denver has to offer.

What do you love most about being a Family Law attorney in Colorado?

I enjoy everything about my job from the initial trust and faith someone puts in me to help them through the divorce to the drafting of the perfect parenting plan for the family to negotiating with the other attorney to find compromise and resolution. I love Colorado!

Who are some women that you look up to in business and personally?

Colorado has an amazing Supreme Court justice in Justice Marquez. Justice Monica Marquez is an openly gay Latina woman serving as the youngest Supreme Court Justice in Colorado; she is true to herself and her beliefs and a strong advocate for the causes she supports. With her Stanford and Yale education, I find her to be exceptionally intelligent and compassionate with the issues facing many women today.

Why are you into finding inspirational quotes to share with people?

There are many things to help people through the difficulty and struggle of divorce, and I would buy each of my clientʼs a bottle of wine if I thought that was healthy.  Inspiration through the words of others often provides me – and those I know – with a sense that I am not going through something alone, that there is a greater purpose in everything we do and a true feeling of comfort.

What are some of the favorite comments your children make?

Someone gave Anni a hug the other day and asked if she could take Anni home. She said, “no, we can get there by ourselves.”

Jack loves to pretend he is a tiger right now and growls every chance he gets.

This morning Anni was getting ready to leave, and Jack said “donʼt go Anni I miss you.” Anni said, “Don’t worry Jack, Iʼll be home after I eat lunch.”

They have recently been trying to learn “who stole the cookie from the cookie jar” and think they are hilarious when they blame daddy for stealing the cookies.

What do you like most about being a mom?

I love the unconditional of the love for them – itʼs like nothing Iʼve ever known or experienced.

I love their constant need for me and dependence on me.
I love their blunt honesty and the amazing power of their little hugs and kisses.

Quote: Life isnʼt about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Aside from being an active mother and professional lawyer, Teddi Ann is very involved in the Denver, Cherry Creek and Vail communities.

Professional Details:

Bar Admissions

Colorado, 1999
Creighton University School of Law, Omaha, Nebraska, 1999 Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska, 1996 
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Colorado Bar Association

Professional Associations and Membership 
Colorado Bar Association

Family Law Section Member

Continental Divide Bar Association

Denver Bar Association


Colorado Bar Association

Creighton Alumni Association

National Association of Professional Women

Sports Lawyers Association

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