3 ways “to win” the game of divorce

Clients come to me expecting “to win” their divorce.  Divorce is not a game anyone should play! The other day opposing counsel offered an apology after heated settlement discussions in a divorce case we were working together.  In jest I reminded him to “hate the game – not the player.”  It’s extremely challenging working towards… Read more »

5 critical divorce legal terms you need to know Part 1

The 5 critical divorce terms discussed in this blog are DR Case, Petition & Response, Dissolution & Legal Separation. These terms and acronyms are crucial when discussing your divorce with an attorney. You don’t know the divorce process that’s why you hire an attorney. Knowing these terms helps understanding some of the details of your… Read more »

Discover better ways to handle disputes than a Contempt Action!

Your ex-spouse is not following your separation agreement ordered by the court; you’re frustrated, and your first reaction is to file a contempt! Before you make that decision, this is what a contempt action looks like…. We file a motion, then we wait…. and wait some more and then maybe the Court will agree there… Read more »