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Kay Cleland

Company: KC Mortgage, #374307 Phone:  720-670-0124 Email: Address: 504 Perry Street, Unit B, Castle Rock, CO 80104 Website: About: Kay Cleland,  is the owner of KC Mortgage LLC, a locally owned and operated small business in  Castle Rock, Colorado.  Kay began her mortgage career in 1982 and has held many different positions in the mortgage industry… Read more »

6 Considerations for a pre-nup: tips from a Denver Divorce attorney

As a Denver Divorce Attorney, I find many stressful situations can be avoided by taking a proactive and financial view of a marriage combined with love, a religious commitment and the concept of building a life together. Spring is the perfect time to look at pre nuptial agreements. In this particular time in history, family… Read more »

Mediation is the First Step When Filing For Divorce in Vail.

Colorado Domestic Courts mandate that a couple facing divorce must first attempt to resolve their disputes in mediation, before the Court will hear the case. As a couple your first step is to determine the issues of contention and then enter into mediation, before seeking legal counsel or starting the court process. See the 3… Read more »

Video-Why does Teddi Ann Barry practice family law?

This is video is about why Teddi Ann Barry PC practices family law in Denver, Vail, Avon Colorado. Teddi Ann Barry PC practices family law because she was educated to serve others! The premise of my college and law school education at Creighton University, a Jesuit Catholic university. This philosophy is important and what I… Read more »

How to handle your divorce in 5 quick steps

The 5 steps are to communicate with your spouse or partner; figure out your finances; commit to resolution; get it in writing, and go to court – if necessary. Divorce is not an easy process by any means, there are steps you can take making the divorce process simple, less stressful and financially efficient. 1…. Read more »

3 crucial reasons to hire Denver family law attorney

If you have children and parenting time is an issue Get a Lawyer! If you have substantial differences in income Get a Lawyer! If you have a family business or complicated assets Get a Lawyer! Over 70% of Colorado couples are getting divorced without attorneys. While anyone can appreciate the interest of saving money, the… Read more »


Our mission is to Save Children and Restructure Families. Divorce is a crossroad between what was and what will be a new family structure. We work with Clients who don’t want their children involved with the fight and want their children to understand they don’t need to choose between their parents. Children are aware the… Read more »