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What you need to know about domestic violence and family law.  There are many different issues to cover on this topic, but with the recent discussion of domestic violence currently raiding the NFL, the media and affecting so many families several thoughts came to mind.

To the abuser..

If you are hurting your wife, partner or children get help immediately! Whether you were abused and have substance abuse issues or “just angry” those around you don’t deserve to be hurt by you.

Remember that domestic violence goes beyond physical abuse.  One can be charged with abuse for hitting, threatening, harassing and stalking.  Don’t do it.

To the victim….

If someone’s hurting you, get help immediately.  If someone is hurting your children get help immediately for you and them and remove those innocent babies from a violent or threatening situation.  Even if you haven’t been beaten yet and are “only” getting verbally abused, find your support and strength and leave.

There is nothing to excuse or justify being abused.  When you are a parent your responsibility to those children far exceeds what you can justify or reason as acceptable for you.

In divorce REPORT TRUTHS ONLY:  Not often, but sometimes people will allege domestic violence while going through a divorce.  While no doubt matters and exchanges may get heated there is a difference between being abused and feeling an imminent threat of violence and having a heated conversation or moment of conflict.


If you have reported domestic violence you now become a witness for the State’s case against the person you accused of abuse – it’s no longer your case per se.  Almost every District Attorney’s office has Victim Advocates on staff to work with you through the case.

If you are charged with domestic violence these matters may have serious consequences for you and your future.  While some family law attorneys handle domestic violence cases, I strongly suggest hiring a separate criminal attorney if you are charged.

Cases for domestic violence and/or restraining orders are criminal in nature or could have criminal consequences and rights to protect. Don’t trust any attorney to handle these matters.  In my divorce work, I always have my clients retain separate counsel for protection orders outside of the divorce case or in cases of domestic violence.

To keep ‘em separated – the parties and the different legal issues is helpful to successfully save your children and restructure your family.

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