Attorneys appreciate how different family law is from many other practices of law. Lawyers and attorneys prefer Teddi Ann Barry P.C. because of our focus and commitment to family law only.

Attorneys often have high incomes and business interests that need the experienced family law attorneys of Divorce In Colorado to protect and negotiate through reasonable, fair and equitable divorce resolution.

Attorneys also appreciate our determination to settle matters swiftly with a fast-track to gather information and exchange disclosures as soon as possible, set case strategy meetings with our client to draft initial settlement offers and set mediation and hearing as soon as possible if necessary.

What We Do


Complex Negotiations


Spousal Maintenance

Unified Divorce

Separation Agreements

Child Custody & Parental Responsibility

Child Custody

Child Support

Child Legal Represenative

Child Visitation


Parental Alienation



PRE & Post nuptial Agreements