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Who Are You Divorcing – HATERS

Who Are You Divorcing? Haters, Cheaters & Avoiders How to identify who you are dealing with and handle your divorce effectively. Right now we are experiencing some highly contentious and emotional divorces. There is so much anger, pain and fear many clients experience through their divorce.  It goes without saying

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Love on Valentine's Day

Insure the Love for Valentine’s Day

The Love You Marry is Not the Devil You Divorce With the holiday engagements behind us and the Valentine’s Day engagements fast approaching, there is a lot more couples should be considering than dresses, caterers, and locations for a wedding. Do you really know who you are marrying?  What’s his

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Derek Jeter

If Divorce was a Baseball Game, how would you play?

Divorce would be easier if we played it like baseball. There is the warm-up, the relationship between the pitcher and catcher along with the hitter and the first base coach, and finally the running of the bases. Baseball’s a great game!  9 players on the team; 4 bases; one ball

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6 critical divorce terms you need to know Part 2

The 6 legal terms discussed in this blog:  CFI & PRE, Financials, Interrogatories, Separation Agreement, Parenting Plan, Decree. This is the second article for additional info go to 5 divorce related legal terms you need to know. Hiring a divorce attorney is necessary to handle all elements of divorce but a

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3 ways “to win” the game of divorce

Clients come to me expecting “to win” their divorce.  Divorce is not a game anyone should play! The other day opposing counsel offered an apology after heated settlement discussions in a divorce case we were working together.  In jest I reminded him to “hate the game – not the player.” 

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5 critical divorce legal terms you need to know Part 1

The 5 critical divorce terms discussed in this blog are DR Case, Petition & Response, Dissolution & Legal Separation. These terms and acronyms are crucial when discussing your divorce with an attorney. You don’t know the divorce process that’s why you hire an attorney. Knowing these terms helps understanding some

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