Need counsel for a highly litigated divorce? Start with 3 actions.

The 3 actions: ask 4 important questions first, review 4 imperative considerations and review 3 crucial financial documents. See examples. The cost of divorce can be significant and hiring the right attorney is imperative to resolve your divorce quickly and fairly. There are popular and reputable attorneys continuously retained on

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Video-Why does Teddi Ann Barry practice family law?

This is video is about why Teddi Ann Barry PC practices family law in Denver, Vail, Avon Colorado. Teddi Ann Barry PC practices family law because she was educated to serve others! The premise of my college and law school education at Creighton University, a Jesuit Catholic university. This philosophy

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The 3 Do’s and Dont’s of text messages during Divorce.

Texting is written communication used for good and bad purposes.  It’s used as evidence or ammunition of a parents or spouses bad behavior. Text messaging causes all types of trouble for people experiencing a divorce especially how it’s interpreted, so here are a few do’s and dont’s. The serious do’s

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Video-Mediation Info from Teddi Ann Barry PC Divorce attorney.

The mediator is a neutral third party in the divorce process, helping individual parties facilitate an agreement they can take to their respective attorneys for review and counsel. Watch this video for more information. Colorado Domestic Courts almost always mandate that a couple facing divorce must first attempt to resolve

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Video-Why hire an attorney to handle your divorce?

Why hire an attorney to handle your Divorce? While anyone can appreciate the interest of saving money, the law is not a Do-it-yourself  forum in most cases.  What people fail to realize or understand is that if it’s not done correctly the first time, the costs and consequences later, could be

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