Don’t Let Fear Decide Your Fate

I spend every day working with angry people in fear. A parent’s fear of …. not seeing your children everyday. not knowing how you will financially manage on your own through or after the divorce. losing your mutual friends and those you’ve known as family, in addition to your spouse or partner. losing the home… Read more »


Our mission is to Save Children and Restructure Families. Divorce is a crossroad between what was and what will be a new family structure. We work with Clients who don’t want their children involved with the fight and want their children to understand they don’t need to choose between their parents. Children are aware the… Read more »

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a newer model of family law that keeps your case out of Court. In Collaborative Law, you and your spouse or partner agree to hire attorneys who have been collaboratively trained to handle divorce through 4-way, transparent meetings, using joint agreements to involve other neutral experts and professionals as necessary. Collaborative Law maintains… Read more »