Love on Valentine's Day

The Love You Marry is Not the Devil You Divorce

With the holiday engagements behind us and the Valentine’s Day engagements fast approaching, there is a lot more couples should be considering than dresses, caterers, and locations for a wedding.

Do you really know who you are marrying?  What’s his debt picture look like? How much is she spending on “necessities” a month?  Are someone’s parents going to help you buy a home?  Is this a second marriage with children to protect?  What is the exit strategy?

So often we hear, during a divorce, that our clients wish it was as difficult to marry as it is to divorce.  While we are not wishing difficulty either way for people, we want people to understand that Marriage Insurance is available!  Insure the Love!  This is done with a contract – a premarital or post-marital agreement that can define what is separate and what is marital, and what happens if the marriage would end.

This way you can both make sure matters are handled as you wish -which may be different than the law otherwise dictates. I know, I know.  So often I hear about how unromantic a prenuptial agreement is, or how people don’t think they have anything to protect, or if they would ever divorce, it wouldn’t be a fight.

The Love You Marry is Not the Devil You Divorce.

While not all divorces are contentious, the reality is, people can know a lot more about how it ends – if it would ever end – before they even begin.

  • Are you going to live in the home already owned by one of you?
  • How much is each of you contributing to monthly expenses?
  • Will you treat the debt of each of you as marital debt now?
  • What happens with that monetary gift from grandma to buy the house or car?
  • Who has what in retirement?

Consider having these conversations before you say “I do”, so you aren’t ever left thinking

“What did I do?!” 


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