Forget parental rights- What about children’s rights?

Do you want your children to have sleep and concentration issues?  Are you hoping they perform poor academically? Are you excited to watch them withdraw socially? These are some of the ramifications when parents risk their children’s happiness through a long, drawn-out custody battle. The consequences for children suffering through a high conflict divorce include everything from… Read more »

3 actions Parents need to take during the Divorce process.

These actions will help to Save Your Children and Restructure your Family through the divorce process. Parenting through divorce is the same as parenting in a marriage – It’s about the children first! Divorce happens between partners in a marriage it doesn’t mean proper parenting goes away.  Parenting during and after a divorce is even… Read more »

Parenting Plans- a key resource to create one.

Finding a valuable resource for creating a parenting plan is important and can lessen your stress when dealing with your divorce. An excellent resource on parenting plans that I recommend, is Ms. Joan McWilliams who has written the book “Parenting Plans for Families After Divorce.”  Ms. McWilliams is a highly regarded mediator in Colorado family… Read more »