Hello, my name is Emilee Umfleet. I am the Junior Associate with Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. and work out of our Castle Rock office in Colorado. I am a 2018 graduate of Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. I received my undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from Grand Valley State University in Michigan in 2014.

I was drawn to family law because of the opportunity it allows me to help families at some of the most difficult points of their lives and to show compassion to those around me. I have always wanted a career where I felt I could make a difference and help people. Being a family law attorney allows me to listen and create a plan to assist families move forward after a divorce in a way that is best for their situation.

According to the Myers Briggs standards, I am a ESFJ-A or the “The Consul”. Consuls are known for being loyal, good at connecting with others, sensitive, having strong practical skills, and a solid sense of responsibility. Consuls strive in environments where others are being cared for and where stable environments exist.

My Kiersey test results state that I am a Guardian. Guardians tend to be dependable, hard-working, and helpful. Guardians are most content when things are running smoothly in the groups they are apart of. A good day for a guardian looks like time spent with those they love, but also getting their work done to the best of their ability.

I recently moved to Colorado after growing up most of my life in Michigan. I am looking forward to adventuring through Colorado. In my spare time, I can be found reading, working out, cooking, enjoying frozen yogurt or spending time with my fiancé and our cat, Tucker.

Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. is a great firm for anyone needing assistance in family law matters, but also may have hesitations toward the legal system. Our compassionate and practical approach is designed to advocate for our clients in the best way to make them feel as comfortable as possible while navigating a difficult time.

At Teddi Ann Barry PC, our compassion and expertise in family law means that we provide the same high level of guidance for same sex couples as for those in traditional partnerships. If you need to address any issue involving marriage or the end of a partnership, contact us today to set up a convenient time to meet.