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Hi, and thank you for your interest in Divorce In Colorado I own the firm and I am an Attorney since 1999; Mediator since 2007; trained in Collaborative Law in 2006 and developed Unified Divorce in 2015.  I am based in our Cherry Creek office and I practice family law exclusively.

I am a former guardian ad litem and Respondent parents’ counsel, representing the best interests of children placed in the custody of the State and the parents accused of abuse and neglect of their children by the State.

I am a business owner for over 17 years, and continue to build a firm with experienced and well-respected professionals who can offer the highest level of client care, advocacy, skilled negotiation and litigation if and when absolutely necessary.

I am a Colorado native, and graduate of Lakewood High School, Class of ’92.  I went to Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska for my undergraduate degree and juris doctorate.  Creighton University is one of 28 Jesuit Catholic universities throughout the country, and teaches, among many wonderful values, the we are educated to serve others.  I have been serving others in family law since 2000.

By Myers Briggs standards, I am ESTP  – Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving.  According the Myers Briggs manual, an ESTP is a person who is energized by time spent with others (Extraverted), who focuses on facts and details rather than ideas and concepts (Sensing), who makes decisions based on logic and reason (Thinking) and who prefers to be spontaneous and flexible rather than planned and organized (Perceiving). ESTPs are sometimes referred to as Dynamo personalities because of their high-energy, active approach to life.

According to Keirsey, I am a Guardian.  “Guardians can have a lot of fun with their friends, but they are quite serious about their duties and responsibilities. Guardians take pride in being dependable and trustworthy; if there’s a job to be done, they can be counted on to put their shoulder to the wheel. Guardians also believe in law and order, and sometimes worry that respect for authority, even a fundamental sense of right and wrong, is being lost. Perhaps this is why Guardians honor customs and traditions so strongly — they are familiar patterns that help bring stability to our modern, fast-paced world.”

I am a single mother of two wonderful children and live in the Mayfair neighborhood near Cherry Creek – less than 10 minutes from our Cherry Creek office.  After my own divorce experience in 2013, I am committed to doing everything I can to help our clients get through their divorce or other family law matters with the least amount of cost and emotional consequence possible.  I like to say we save children and help restructure your family successfully.

In my free time, I love being with my kids – playing sports, dress up, card games and cooking.  As a Colorado native, I have my parents nearby – still living in the home I grew up living in –  and many of my childhood friends that I love to share time with when possible.  I also blog for different divorce sites, and am currently working with a counselor and colleague to develop a radio show and podcast for those facing struggles in their marriage.

Professionally, I am a member of the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Women’s Bar Association, the Colorado, Continental Divide, and Denver Bar Associations,

I believe Divorce In Colorado is the choice firm for anyone considering divorce or needing family law help because of the level of experience of our professionals, our commitment to high-quality client care, our desire to work in the most cost-effective and time efficient manner possible and our strength to work as a team to help you.

I look forward to working with you soon.

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