Tina VildibilHi, I am Tina Vildibill.  With over 18 years of experience as a family law paralegal, I support our clients and attorney Jane B. Cox, Esq. in our Castle Rock office.  I assist with document drafting, scheduling, client-assistance with financial disclosures, and contacting the court clerks when setting matters for hearing is necessary.

I chose a career in family law because I want to be in an area where I feel like I am helping people.  I feel that a lot of clients want to be heard and being able to listen and help them work through this difficult time is something I really enjoy doing.

By Myers Briggs standards, I have a Consul personality, which is described as having strong practical skills, a strong sense of duty and is good at connecting with others. Consul personalities tend to be hardworking, patient, efficient and respectful, as well as always will to lend a helping hand and work with others.

I was also found to be a Guardian per the Keirsey standards.  Similar to the Myers Briggs, the Guardian is practical, takes responsibilities seriously and is dependable and trustworthy.

With my extensive background in family law, I have acquired the ability to work well with the clients and other professionals on the cases.  I understand what is expected of our clients and the other professionals involved as well as myself in assisting them.

I am basically a native to Colorado, a resident of Castle Rock, and wife and mother of three children.  I am very active in the community and enjoy working with a firm that makes every endeavor to help our clients find resolution as soon as possible.

I believe Teddi Ann Barry, P.C.  is the ideal firm for anyone looking for help finding a positive environment and the best solution to their family law issues, a firm that will advocate for the client and work hard as a team with the client for the best possible outcome.

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At Teddi Ann Barry PC, our compassion and expertise in family law means that we provide the same high level of guidance for same sex couples as for those in traditional partnerships. If you need to address any issue involving marriage or the end of a partnership, contact us today to set up a convenient time to meet.