Breathe. Divorce resolution can be as close as ninety two days.

Denver Divorce Lawyer

We are committed to Divorce Resolution through high-quality client care. When you have assets to protect, a spouse to respect and want your divorce handled with the highest level of professional experience and privacy in an expedited manner, with exceptional attention to detail, choose the lawyers and professionals of Teddi Ann Barry, P.C.

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The professionals of Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. are anxious to help you resolve your divorce and family law matters.

With offices throughout Colorado, the attorneys of Teddi Ann Barry PC are known as well - respected, honest, hard-working and caring professionals, with great knowledge of the law and courtroom experience, committed to resolving your divorce and family law issues.

We consider ourselves aggressively compassionate, offering sound legal advice, zealous representation, extreme attention to detail and ability to advocate for our clients’ best interests.

Denver Divorce Lawyer


"Teddi Ann and her most excellent team provided professional and expert guidance and support, always on time, responsive, and friendly. She will set realistic expectations and make every attempt to settle at the earliest opportunity. I highly recommend Team TAB!"

Andrew H.

"Ladies, Thank you so much for helping me do what’s best for my daughter! I could not have done it without you. Thank you for the past few years. It’s nice to know I have a great team. Thank you for getting this settled without going to trial!"


"Teddi Ann Barry is not only one of the smartest attorneys I know, but also one of the best and brightest. She is constantly working on her business, practice, and taking great care and consideration for her employees and clients"

Mike W.

"Teddi Ann Barry is an attorney with integrity, grace and wicked smarts! Her focus is not on making money, but rather getting the best results for everyone involved, especially the children!!! My faith and trust in her paid off!"

Molly H.

"Teddi Ann Barry was my divorce attorney in 2015. Her representation was well balanced between aggressively looking out for my best interests and being laid back enough not to use time and money unnecessarily."

Brent D.

"To Anyone Seeking a DIVORCE ATTORNEY When you need a very capable, professional Divorce Attorney you need to make the RIGHT CHOICE the first time around!! I DIDN'T and ALMOST lost everything---the house and everything in it."

Paul S.

"I once had an amicable divorce...until my children and I wanted more time together. When things turn ugly and you need power beside you, Ms. Teddi is the one you want on your side."

I would break my own heart to protect yours