Parental Alienation

Too often, divorcing parents attempt to limit, ruin, or prevent the other parent from seeing or being with their children. At Divorce In Colorado, we firmly believe and advocate for the fact that

Children Have Rights!

  • The right to be safe.
  • The right to have beautiful relationships with both parents – unless either can parent or protect the children.
  • The right to enjoy their new everyday life with divorced parents.

If the other parent is wrongfully limiting your parenting time, access to the children, or otherwise not following the court-ordered parenting plan, Divorce In Colorado will help.

Our time to parent is so brief! Don’t waste your time or your children’s through expensive custody battles and litigation if you don’t have to.

We work with our clients to defend and advocate for their parental rights and the rights of their children to be with and to be loved by them. We have incredible colleagues and mental health professionals to address the real issue before taking legal positions.

If you are experiencing a situation where you are attempting to protect your child from an unfit parent and don’t know how to begin, Divorce In Colorado can help. We’ll help explain the legal process, the need for potential experts, and how to best help your children through the process.