Complex Negotiations

Have you and your family accumulated assets during the marriage that you are afraid of losing?

Do you ever worry that your income and assets may be higher than the Judge you may be in front of or the attorney that’s representing you?

Are you worried your emotions or lack of legal logic may leave you giving away more than you should through your divorce?

Divorce in Colorado often includes the separation and allocation of many complex assets such as:

  • Business ownership,
  • Family Trusts,
  • Retirement and Investment accounts
  • Real estate and property issues
  • Complex tax structures
  • Now – Bitcoin and NFTs

With significant knowledge and experience helping clients successfully negotiate the division of their marital assets, we are known for creating solutions that secure the desired assets while thinking about your future after divorce.

Focused on resolution while preparing for litigation if needed, our divorce attorneys constantly work with the proper experts to assess not only the current values of your marital assets at the time of your divorce but also consider the potential long-term gains or loss of the assets years later.

During such an emotional time, too many couples get lost in the litigation and fail to take time to understand and appreciate the long game and future financial success – and likely happiness – after the divorce.

At Divorce In Colorado, we work with our clients to appreciate the abundance of the life often built together and vision the future, and restructure their family successfully.