How To Handle Taxes During Divorce

What Do We Need to Know About Taxes During Divorce

Divorce and Taxes are at the top of many people’s minds this time of year. There are several issues you must think about when filing taxes in the midst of or after your divorce is final. New Filing Status Determining Who Claims the Children Reporting Maintenance or Not – when

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DIY Divorce

Tell Me Teddi Ann – Can I DIY My Divorce?

DIY Divorce Is Not an effective strategy Divorce is a legal process. You are signing a contract a legal and binding contract! You are making decisions that may have long term financial consequences. Don’t Divorce alone. Hiring a divorce attorney does not mean you want to litigate your divorce or

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How Much Does It Cost to Get Divorced?

  The better question is how much will you pay to Divorce the right way. There are ways to spend money wisely to divorce in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way possible. Here’s how. Some decide to hire litigious attorneys and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get divorced.

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Divorce, throwing money away

How to Avoid the Financial Racket of Divorce

Divorce Can Be Expensive Here’s how to save money Keep your divorce simple. Only hire and work with the most trusted and credible divorce professionals. Set realistic expectations. Do not waste one more minute or dime than you absolutely have to. Only Hire Those That You Need Everywhere I turn

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Family Lawyer – Job Posting

Join us! Family Law attorneys invited to join Divorce In Colorado Are you a Family Law Attorney seeking a long-term career filled with daily opportunities to serve others, professional growth, and the chance to build business with the support of a team of quality professionals? Teddi Ann is designing a

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The avoider

Who Are You Divorcing? The Avoider

Who Are You Divorcing? HATERS, CHEATERS & AVOIDERS How to identify who you are dealing with and handle your divorce effectively. Right now, we are experiencing some highly contentious and emotional divorces. There is so much anger, pain and fear many clients experience through their divorce.  It goes without saying

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