3 ways “to win” the game of divorce

Clients come to me expecting “to win” their divorce.  Divorce is not a game anyone should play! The other day opposing counsel offered an apology after heated settlement discussions in a divorce case we were working together.  In jest I reminded him to “hate the game – not the player.”  It’s extremely challenging working towards… Read more »

5 critical divorce legal terms you need to know Part 1

The 5 critical divorce terms discussed in this blog are DR Case, Petition & Response, Dissolution & Legal Separation. These terms and acronyms are crucial when discussing your divorce with an attorney. You don’t know the divorce process that’s why you hire an attorney. Knowing these terms helps understanding some of the details of your… Read more »

Discover better ways to handle disputes than a Contempt Action!

Your ex-spouse is not following your separation agreement ordered by the court; you’re frustrated, and your first reaction is to file a contempt! Before you make that decision, this is what a contempt action looks like…. We file a motion, then we wait…. and wait some more and then maybe the Court will agree there… Read more »

Forget parental rights- What about children’s rights?

Do you want your children to have sleep and concentration issues?  Are you hoping they perform poor academically? Are you excited to watch them withdraw socially? These are some of the ramifications when parents risk their children’s happiness through a long, drawn-out custody battle. The consequences for children suffering through a high conflict divorce include everything from… Read more »

3 Perspectives on Grandparents rights in Colorado.

When Chelsea Clinton gave birth to the first Clinton grandchild, the idea of grandparent’s rights came to mind. Colorado has specific statutes dedicated to protecting children’s rights and grandparent’s rights. See Section 19-1-117 C.R.S. at the end of this blog. With the different roles grandparents play in children’s lives from barely present to raising a… Read more »

Parental rights for the unborn child

Colorado voted November 4th on Amendment 67 to determine if the definition of person should include the unborn child in some specific criminal statutory language. Should this pass, Family Law statutes could arguably expand the definition of child to include the unborn. The details of Colorado law…. Law defines a “child” as a person under… Read more »

Advice after Rice- Domestic Violence and Family law

What you need to know about domestic violence and family law.  There are many different issues to cover on this topic, but with the recent discussion of domestic violence currently raiding the NFL, the media and affecting so many families several thoughts came to mind. To the abuser.. If you are hurting your wife, partner… Read more »

6 Considerations for a pre-nup: tips from a Denver Divorce attorney

As a Denver Divorce Attorney, I find many stressful situations can be avoided by taking a proactive and financial view of a marriage combined with love, a religious commitment and the concept of building a life together. Spring is the perfect time to look at pre nuptial agreements. In this particular time in history, family… Read more »