What’s Happening for the Holidays?

Sure your kids just got back to school, but do you know what’s happening for the holidays? Taking time to figure it out now will help everyone enjoy the fall and holidays more!

Now that you have your children’s school calendar for the year, sit down with your parenting plan or court orders and determine the following:

  1. What’s happening for Labor Day? Are the kids in one house from Friday through Tuesday or just celebrating Monday with one parent or the other? Is the exchange at school or somewhere else?
  2. Is anyone planning to travel for the holidays? How much advance notice does a parent need to provide? Do the travel plans overlap the other parent’s parenting time? Do you have to make up time in advance? What is the Court ordered or agreed-upon deadline to exchange the travel itinerary and information with the other parent?
  3. Are the Fall Breaks and days off school addressed in your parenting plan? If not, who will have the kids? Who is responsible for transportation? When will they return? Do you have to arrange work schedules or child care?
  4. Is Halloween recognized as a holiday in your plan or court orders? Depending on the kids’ age or day of the week, will the kids be with each of you or just one of you?
  5. Is Thanksgiving part of a school break or different? Do the kids alternate the day or the entire school break? Is travel or exchanges known and agreed upon? Is anyone planning to have family in town and need to discuss an agreement to modify the previously agreed upon or Court ordered schedule?
  6. Do your orders or agreement address the Christmas holiday separate from the 2-week holiday break? What will be the date and time of the exchanges? Do the children have other activities/sports that need to be considered?

If you find that your agreed-upon parenting plan or court orders lack the helpful specifics needed for a less stressful and joyful holiday season, call us today to review your plan or orders with you and help you design and negotiate a plan best for your child.