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Consider hiring a local divorce lawyer near you? It is important to protect your interests during a divorce. Teddi Ann Barry P.C. is a local law firm that provides years of experience in helping our clients navigate the difficulties of divorce. We provide unparalleled support to CEOs, real estate magnates, doctors, lawyers, business owners, hedge fund managers, entrepreneurs, surgeons, therapists, CPAs, the independently wealthy, marijuana moguls, media & entertainment professionals in the city or in the mountains. We specialize in all family law-related practices including divorce, Child custody and visitation, child support, prenuptial and postnuptial & separation agreements, mediation, collaborative law, high conflict divorce issues, and complex asset allocations.

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Nobody goes into a marriage anticipating that it will end in divorce, but when it does, the resulting conflict is often confusing, frustrating and painful – especially when there are children involved. At Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. we focus on helping you get to a satisfactory resolution of all the essential issues while keeping what is best for the children as our top priority.

Arguably the most challenging aspect of any divorce involves the custody of children and the question of child support. While it’s possible for both parents to lose themselves in competition over obtaining custody, Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. works hard to help our clients stay focused on what’s in the best interest of their children. Working within the parameters of Colorado state law, we’ll help you sort through the complexities associated with custody and child support.

We take a common-sense approach to all issues involving children, including those having to do with parenting time and child support. We work hard to negotiate mutually agreeable terms that resolve these issues in a way that eliminates competition and stresses collaboration between two adults who both care deeply about what is best for their children.

The thought of proactively preparing for the end of your marriage makes many people uncomfortable, but it is a smart thing to do, and not unlike buying life insurance or taking the time for estate planning. Nobody wants to think about their death, and especially not an untimely death. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen to you, and leaving these matters unattended leaves everybody worse off.

If you’re interested in attempting to resolve certain aspects of your separation through mediation, this can be a valuable, time-saving approach–and, in the end, it can significantly reduce the stress incurred by all parties involved. Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. can represent you as your legal counsel during mediation proceedings. We can also serve as the mediator, in which case we will act as a neutral third party working to bring about a resolution between the parties involved.

Divorce proceedings are notoriously hostile. Stories of terrible divorce experiences abound, and some divorce lawyers have a reputation for being hawkish and aggressive. As an alternative to this conflict-ridden environment, collaborative law offers the opportunity to approach and undergo the process of divorce with minimal hostility, thereby making the process as painless as possible for both parties.

This approach is only effective with an attorney who is trained in the specifics of collaborative law. Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. can represent you in this approach, keeping the focus on the wellbeing of your family.

Divorce in Boulder, Colorado

Are you faced with the prospect of divorce proceedings? No one enters into marriage under the assumption that their union will come to an end. The harsh reality of sifting through the complexity of legal separation is one of the most challenging experiences many of us will ever undergo. If there are children involved in your separation, the situation is complicated even further.

When it comes to dealing with the stress, anxiety, and strife that can accompany a divorce, you need an attorney by your side with experience. Particularly when dealing with child custody, it’s important to work with a divorce lawyer who will prioritize the wellbeing of your children above all other matters. Divorces can be incredibly complicated: custody, mediation, asset allocation, pre-nuptial agreements, and the possibility of mediation must all be taken into account simultaneously. You need an attorney you can trust. Look no further than Teddi Ann Barry, P.C.

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