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When it comes to divorce, it’s hard to overstate just how challenging of an experience it can be. Of course, no one expects their marriage to end in divorce; and, when it does, many of us suffer from a prolonged kind of shock. As difficult as it is, it’s important to move forward and begin pursuing a resolution. Particularly if children are involved, bringing the conflict of legal separation to a close as soon as possible is generally in the best interest of all parties. Finding the right Denver Divorce Lawyer can be challenging, but we believe we are the right fit.

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It’s not uncommon for us to encounter clients in the midst of a high conflict divorce. However, regardless of how charged and emotional a situation might be, we at Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. are adept at avoiding prolonged litigation and arriving at a mutually agreeable, peaceable settlement. In the event that this is not possible, however, we work hard to litigate on behalf of our clients and achieve a desirable decision

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During a divorce, children add an additional challenging circumstance.  Child support and custody can be complicated, but with extensive experience, our law firm, Teddi Ann Barry, P.C., will help guide you through this complicated time. Our primary goal is to keep you focused on the important aspects of settlement negotiations: that is the welling of your children.

Every week we see clients that have genuine concerns over the conflict originating from divorce.  Litigation is extremely stressful and courtroom time is invariable. Fortunately, Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. provides an alternative to costly litigation and mediation is an effective alternative.

Mediation significantly minimizes the amount of stress involved in the separation proceedings. Its not uncommon to retain counsel to represent you during mediation, and Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. will gladly serve you during this process. We also serve as the mediating party ourselves because of our excellent reputation in the Colorado legal community. In this situation, we act as the neutral third party, with our goal is to resolve the conflict between the parties, rather than representing any one particular client.

About Teddi Ann Barry, P.C.

Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. has worked in the divorce and family law for many years and has the experience you need in a Denver Divorce Lawyer. Our firm focuses on collaborative law, where we try to limit the conflict in the divorce process. Our goal is to put the needs of your children and family first regardless of the challenges involved. For us to achieve this, we walk through all the details of the case with you. You can rest assured that we treat all of our divorce cases individually and believe each case requires special attention. Our team of professionals will do everything we can to help deliver a settlement that allows your family return to normality and move on from the issues and adversity of a divorce.

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