Pre-Nuptial & Post-Nuptial Agreements

  • Are you getting married?
  • Do you want a pre-nuptial agreement?
  • Do you need one?
  • Has someone asked you to sign one?
  • Do you have children from a previous marriage you need to protect?
  • Did you or will you receive a substantial inheritance that you want to make sure remains your separate property?
  • Is your family giving you money that should be accounted for as separate contribution if you dissolve the marriage later?

All of these are reasons to consider having a solid pre-marital agreement.

In Colorado, a pre-nuptial or pre-marital agreement must include, among other things, full financial disclosure and the signing of the contract without coercion or duress.

If you intend to enter into a pre-marital agreement, hire counsel and complete the deal before booking the reception, buying the dress, or registering for your gifts. Make this the priority.

Like wills or estate planning, many find very negative connotations to entering into a pre-marital agreement. See this as an opportunity to plan the ideal separation while you are in love. Ensure the love!