If changes to court orders are needed after divorce, our team can help you!

Did you enter court orders that are not working for your family? Did you try to do your divorce – fill out some paperwork- and realize you should have talked to a lawyer?

You may need to change:

  • Child Support 
  • Maintenance
  • Parenting Time
  • Property Distribution
  • Missed issues or detailed provisions of your agreement
  • Allocation of Tax Credits or
  • Property distributions that are not fair and equitable.

If a spouse ever decides not to disclose assets during a divorce is a good idea; know that Colorado law has a 5-year look back, and you may be able to re-open your divorce for reallocation of assets if necessary.

Divorce In Colorado can help you try and modify any of the challenging orders. Orders enter under the lens of current circumstances. Life happens, and your circumstances may change. We’re here to help.