Unified Divorce

Do you think your Divorce may be amicable?

  • Are you afraid of hiring attorneys to help you or thinking about the government a/k/a a judge in Court deciding what’s best for YOUR family?
  • Are you considering Mediation or Collaborative Law to help you through your Divorce?

Unified Divorce is the first and premier option for families to hire a FAMILY attorney!

You shouldn’t go to mediation without legal advice or first exchanging proposals for settlement. Mediation should be the last step – not the first. Consider how many professionals you pay to get through a Collaborative Divorce – lawyers, coaches, financial planners, therapists, counselors? Unified Divorce was designed to help clients keep their Dissolution of Marriage private, on their timeline, and open communication with one attorney who does not work for either party – but the family! You got into life together, and you are so better served to get out together!