Tell Me Teddi Ann – Can I DIY My Divorce?

  • DIY Divorce Is Not an effective strategy
  • Divorce is a legal process.
  • You are signing a contract a legal and binding contract!
  • You are making decisions that may have long term financial consequences.
  • Don’t Divorce alone.

Hiring a divorce attorney does not mean you want to litigate your divorce or go to court.

Castle Rock Divorce LawyerSure, some do, and many clients hire us to protect separate assets or parenting time.

However, with over 70% of Colorado couples divorcing without legal counsel, it is important that they understand the consequences of not seeking legal advice before signing their Separation Agreements.

Joe, from Castle Rock, agreed to pay years of contractual maintenance based upon an income he never actually earned.

Sally, in Denver, kept the house and agreed to pay the mortgage based upon what she was supposed to receive in maintenance and support. When Bill stopped paying the maintenance, she lost the home and only had to then hire a lawyer and pay to fight for the monies he owed her.

Don't Divorce Alone

Chet, from Parker, signed his Separation Agreement without valuing Mary’s PERA – losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to him in marital retirement. Now he’s 72 and still working while Mary retired to a fabulous community in Santa Fe.

Save yourself from mistakes Lawyers wouldn’t let you make!

  • We don’t use Zillow to value your property – you shouldn’t either.
  • We will tell you child support is your child’s right and you can’t contract it away – although there are better ways to consider expenses.
  • We can better explain maintenance and alimony are only considered after the division of property. Presumptive guidelines are just guidelines.
  • Do you know the difference between contractual marital support and non-contractual maintenance?
  • Have you considered upcoming costs that may be needed for the house before you decide you want to keep it?
  • Are there capital gains that you may be stuck paying if you sell the house sooner or later?
  • Do you know the marital value of your retirement account may not be the current value on the statement?
  • Have you thought about how the tax credits for the dependent children should be allocated?

The forms alone can be overwhelming!

Divorce forms are overwhelming

Have you seen all the documents you are meant to exchange? Do you realize you sign a court document swearing you have disclosed everything? Did you?

How much are you paying others to help with your LEGAL process of Divorce?

Do you really think hiring a divorce coach or working with a mediator who cannot offer legal advice to either of you is a good idea?

While you should not DIY your divorce, you can limit the role and involvement of your attorneys.

Many of our clients hire Divorce In Colorado  or choose Unified Divorce so they can understand the legal process and how the laws apply to them and their family.

  • We draft the legal documents needed to get divorced.
  • We help with them draft their financial disclosures – sometimes we also draft the documents for their spouse who is not represented since so much of the marital financial information is similar.
  • We draft the initial separation agreement that they can then discuss with their spouse.

In many cases, we never enter as attorney of record with the courts and our clients divorce without ever stepping foot inside the courtroom.

  • We offer great legal advice.
  • We help draft your documents.
  • We support you in negotiating your legal contract.

So, before you try and divorce on your own, or hire a mediator you may not need, call us!

  • Talk to a Lawyer.
  • Understand your legal rights
  • Have lawyers draft your agreements
  • Have legal support for negotiating your settlement.

Do Not DIY Your Divorce.