Pot And Parenting in Colorado: Still Not Cool Dude

While Colorado is hyped on the legalization of marijuana, Colorado judges and child advocates still aren’t high when deciding what’s in your child’s best interests.  I’m not writing this to take an ethical or medical stance on pot and parenting – I’m just a lawyer who often advocates for and against parenting and pot smoking…. Read more »

Divorce in Colorado: 5 Things you need to know

These are the 5 most important specifics and to help you through this difficult time in your life. 1.  FIGURE OUT YOUR FINANCES FIRST. So many come to my office or turn what was not a terrible situation into a litigious nightmare simply because they did not take the time to properly gather their financial… Read more »

Parental Responsibility is not won in the courtroom.

Parental Responsibility is the term now used for custody issues in Family Law in Colorado. If parents would spend more time – and money – on fixing the problems that infect the child’s relationship with either parent instead of paying lawyers to fight about what a terrible parent the other person is, the child would… Read more »

3 actions Parents need to take during the Divorce process.

These actions will help to Save Your Children and Restructure your Family through the divorce process. Parenting through divorce is the same as parenting in a marriage – It’s about the children first! Divorce happens between partners in a marriage it doesn’t mean proper parenting goes away.  Parenting during and after a divorce is even… Read more »

Stop, Collaborate and Listen.

About the same time Vanilla was singing “Ice, Ice Baby” in the 90’s family law professionals were inventing COLLABORATIVE LAW. What if your lawyer wasn’t just advising you about what the law says and what is likely -but not guaranteed- to happen in court when you go to final hearing months from now, but could… Read more »

2 more Divorce cost saving ideas.

Divorce can be an expensive venture I’ve put together 2 Divorce Cost Savings ideas to help contain costs during the divorce process. 1.  GET YOUR FINANCIAL DOCUMENTATION IN ORDER FIRST Once you have chosen the process, and have considered the costs and time involved with each approach, its time to get your financial documentation in… Read more »