5 approaches to Divorce in Vail and Denver

When getting divorced in Colorado, there are various approaches to handle the dissolution of marriage.  The traditional litigated divorce is one but there are four other important options before hiring your lawyer or getting divorced. “RECONCILIATION” Before you head down the path of dissolving the marriage and spending $5000.00 to $100,000.00 or more on the… Read more »

Civil Unions bloom in Colorado!

Civil Unions bloom in Colorado On May 1, 2013 Senate Bill 13-011 will be law in Colorado.  This will appear in our Colorado Revised Statutes in Title 14, “Domestic Matters.”  §14-15-101 et. seq. will provide the following rights and protections to those who establish a relationship legally under the Colorado Civil Union Act. In the… Read more »

3 reasons a pre- nup is contested in Colorado.

As a Vail Divorce Lawyer, I recommend that if you are getting married this summer, it’s a good idea to review your financial situation and details before you catch spring fever and pass over this important element of building a life together. Having worked with many couples as a Vail divorce lawyer , the goal of… Read more »

Parenting Plans- a key resource to create one.

Finding a valuable resource for creating a parenting plan is important and can lessen your stress when dealing with your divorce. An excellent resource on parenting plans that I recommend, is Ms. Joan McWilliams who has written the book “Parenting Plans for Families After Divorce.”  Ms. McWilliams is a highly regarded mediator in Colorado family… Read more »