Avon Divorce Lawyer

When it comes to divorce, it’s hard to overstate just how challenging of an experience it can be. Of course, no one expects their marriage to end in divorce; and, when it does, many of us suffer from a prolonged kind of shock. As difficult as it is, it’s important to move forward and begin pursuing a resolution. Particularly if children are involved, bringing the conflict of legal separation to a close as soon as possible is generally in the best interest of all parties. Finding the right Avon Divorce Lawyer can be challenging, but we believe we are the right fit.

However, arriving at an agreeable resolution in a timely manner is far from easy. To make it happen, you’ll need an attorney that has the experience and knowledge to steer you on the right course. Most importantly, you want to retain an attorney that will prioritize your children before anything else. If you’re in the Avon, CO area, that attorney is Teddi Ann Barry, P.C.

About Teddi Ann Barry, P.C.

After working in divorce and family law for many years, Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. has the skill set you need in an attorney. And, thanks to our focus on collaborative law, we’re able to help our clients keep the conflict in their divorce proceedings to an absolute minimum. Our goal is simple: to put the needs of your family and your children first, regardless of the complexities involved in your particular case.

In order to achieve this, we take the time to walk through all of the details of your case with you. You can rest assured that we treat all of our clients as individual cases with specific needs, and you’ll receive the attention you deserve every step of the way. Our team of professionals will do everything we can to arrive at a settlement that allows you and your family to return to normal life, and move on from the trials and tribulations of divorce.

Mediation: An Alternative

Many clients come to us experiencing genuine fear over the conflict to come. The truth is that litigation is stressful, and time spent in a courtroom is invariably expensive. Fortunately, there are alternatives to litigation, and mediation is a particularly effective one.

While it’s your choice whether or not to pursue mediation, it can significantly decrease the amount of stress involved in your separation. You have the option of retaining counsel to represent you during mediation, and Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. will gladly serve you in this capacity. Additionally, however, our excellent reputation in the Colorado legal community means that we’re often asked to serve as the mediating party ourselves. In this case, we act as a neutral third party, with our goal being the resolution of the conflict between parties, rather than the representation of any one particular client.

Custody and Child Support

Divorce is a challenge under any circumstances. However, when children are involved, things become increasingly complicated. Indeed, the issues child support and custody can be overwhelming. With years of experience in family law, Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. will guide you through what can be a difficult experience. Our goal is to keep your focus on the most important aspect of settlement negotiations: that is, the wellbeing of your children.



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At Teddi Ann Barry PC, our compassion and expertise in family law means that we provide the same high level of guidance for same sex couples as for those in traditional partnerships. If you need to address any issue involving marriage or the end of a partnership, contact us today to set up a convenient time to meet.