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Located in the heart of Cherry Creek, clients from Cherry Creek, Denver, Park Hill, Congress Park and Denver Country Club neighborhoods find our Cherry Creek location convenient, private and a wonderful place to meet and resolve their divorce.  This is the home office for Teddi Ann who enjoys living so close to work and her children’s school.

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Navigating a legal separation is one of the greatest challenges anyone can face. We don’t enter into wedlock under the impression that we’ll later have to undergo the stress of a divorce. When we’re faced with the difficulty that divorce proceedings can present, it can be difficult to cope. And, when there are children involved, things are markedly harder.

If you’re unsure of how to proceed with your separation, you need an attorney in your corner who understands the process. And, while there are a lot of options when it comes to a divorce lawyer, you deserve the best: someone who will de-escalate the situation, make your children’s welfare the top priority, and bring about a speedy, equitable resolution. If you’re in Cherry Creek, CO, that attorney is Divorce In Colorado

About Divorce In Colorado

We’ve been practicing family law in Colorado for many years, and we’re ready to go to bat for you. Thanks to our extensive training in the field of collaborative law, we have the skill set necessary to keep conflict to a minimum between our client and the other party involved in a separation. We also do everything we can to put the needs and interests of your children first, and help you stay focused on what’s most important: your family’s wellbeing.

When you work with Divorce In Colorado, you can be assured that you’ll be treated as an individual case. We take the time to understand the particular needs of each and every one of our clients. We’ll work hard to bring about a fair and agreeable settlement, and avoid expensive, lengthy litigation whenever possible.

Mediation Services

As a result of our extensive experience in the courtroom and our collaborative law training, Divorce In Colorado is highly skilled when it comes to mediation services. We can act as counsel in mediation proceedings; or, you can enlist our services as a neutral, mediating party. Thanks to our excellent reputation in the Colorado legal community, we’re often brought on as a mediator in a variety of divorce situations.

Child Custody and Child Support

To put it plainly, dealing with the issues of custody and child support are often the most challenging aspect of a separation. Over the years, we’ve seen too many parents lose sight of what’s most important, focusing instead on their desire to “win” a custody dispute. At Divorce In Colorado, we’ll help you keep in mind what matters most: your children’s wellbeing. Often, that means ensuring that both parents maintain a significant presence in their children’s lives. We’ll help you come to an equitable custody and child support arrangement whenever possible.

High Conflict Separations

We’ve had many clients over the years who come to us with a high conflict situation. While it can be difficult to work through a highly charged and intensely emotional separation, Teddi Ann Barry, P.C. can help to diffuse the situation. Our goal is to avoid protracted litigation, and help you come to a settlement as swiftly as possible. However, if it’s not possible to reach an equitable arrangement and litigation is necessary, you can rest assured that we will work aggressively to bring about the best decision possible for you.

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